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Testing Days for 2023

February 25 at 5pm

Students and Parents:

Many new students have questions about t​esting. While we try to answer them in class, sometimes it also helps to see answers in print!

ATA Taekwondo Promotional Testing's are held every two months: February, April, June, August, October, and December. They take place on Saturday, usually on the second weekend. Depending on the anticipated size of the testing group, we may also separate children and adults.

The week before testing, the instructors w​ill tell each student whether he or she is ready for testing. No student will be allowed to test if he or she is not yet ready. No student is required to test if he or she does not wish to.

Instructors will pass out a testing flyer noting dates, times, and testing fees. Please register and pay by the Thursday before testing.

students are required to wear their complete, formal ATA uniform for testing (no t-shirts unless worn underneath a uniform top). Yellow belts and above should sew their ATA Taekwondo patch onto the right front side of their uniform.

Students may bring instructor-approved water bottles as long as they are used discreetly. The testing judges are the same as the instructors you see in class! We often have a guest judge from our school or another school as well.

Promotional testing is a combination of a normal class and a recital. Like a class, we bow in, warm up, follow the instructor’s commands, and bow out. Like a recital, there are chairs for family and friends to attend. Cameras are welcome if used discreetly. All students are required to stay for the entire testing period, unless other arrangements are made in advance.

Students should sit still and pay attention to the judges, without leaning against the wall or talking amongst themselves. (It is possible to have points deducted for repeated poor behavior at testing.

The judges call students up a few at a time to do their forms, weapons form, kicking drills, combat weapon etc.

Each student should answer up LOUDLY when his or her name is called. DO NOT forget to say “Sir” or “Ma’am” to the judges at testing.

No student will be asked to do anything that he or she has not practiced in class. Read your study guide for more information, and ask an instructor if you have any questions. During the next class that they attend (rank-appropriate), they are presented with their new rank, rank certificate, and study guide.

If for some reason a student does not pass, he or she is not required to pay for the next testing.

But please keep in mind: ATA Taekwondo students do not fail tests. To fail means to be reduced in rank. Inadequate test performance means only that the student needs more time before progressing.

I hope this letter answers your questions about testing. If you need more information, please don’t hesitate to call the office at +1 904 944-2234

Best Regards,

ATA Family Matial Arts Harrisburg